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Are You Angry Enough To Act Yet?

7 Jun

       The more attention we draw to the issues below, the closer we get to angering someone into action.  Anger is sometimes a great motivator, as long as it turns toward the problem and stays focused on solutions.  If not, it can create more problems, often neutralizing any “good voice” seeking change. 

       Children and teenagers today are a market for predators from all sorts of sexual deviations and attractions.  One must know that when stepping into this world of darkness to save children, the demons involved will attack ferociously.  There is much more to this than a physical side.  There are secrets kept in families about sexual abuse and, in order to save face for others, the perpetrator is tolerated.  The children involved are completely embarrassed by what they somehow think is partly their own fault.  Some children grown up with serious sexual issues, that is harms their interpersonal relationships and we find multiple divorces. 

       Children who become adults, then realize that the predators in their earlier years actually did not love them, are harmed for the rest of their lives.  We know better and children are always the victims.  To say, otherwise, is to defend a predator or molester, and make the child an even further victim.  Hear me out!

       Believers must pray and act, pray while they act, and be ready for the barrage from the world of evil.  Please rise up to protect our next generations.  Do you have what it takes to stand up?  But believers, I make no easy accusation in saying this problem is in our churches, and in families of Christians.  But it is also a Jewish, Muslim, Hindu–and atheist problem.  Get the point?

       A warning to those whose secret predatory lives are compartmentalized from others, as they go about their daily business.  We know your straight-laced public demeanor does not match what you do online, or on those trips taken to other nations.  We know you have been able to manipulate young minds and hearts into secrecy by your wiles, but you will be found out.  What has happened to you that there is no experience no deep wrong while pleasing yourself, at the expense of a child?  Is there no conscience-agony, as you sit in church, or stand in front on children, or during intimacy with your spouse, after your heinous behaviors?  You are no victim.  You are the adult.  Those of us who know better and are aware of your inner evil, are not going away and you will be discovered.  Keep your hands off our kids, turn yourself in, and get help. 

       This post is written to no one in particular, but written “for” everyone.  Another underage girl was rescued locally, from two prostitutes, who had lured her  into prostitution.  We make a huge deal about trading Taliban for a deserter.  Yet, do we dare think of all of our children lured into the evils of trafficking, prostitution, slavery, and sexual abuse?  They are imprisoned, too.  Many illegal women are trafficked right here in California, and in other states, as well.  There is nothing they can do about it.  This is another reason we must control immigration into this country.

       Will you rise up to save just one child?  It begins in our homes, in our churches, and schools.  It begins on the fields and courts.  It begins by monitoring your children’s and teenagers online uses.  It also begins by not allowing our girls to dress like hookers at proms, and expecting our sex-crazed culture not to enjoy the ease of the conquest.  It begins by fathers rising up to take leadership to show young men self-control.  Sorry, but I have to say it as it is. 

       Should I congratulate parents for enabling their children to have their first sexual experiences?  Are we allowing young men and women to feel entitled to these experiences?  Why would any parent allow their daughter to wear something so short and tight?  There is no class in looking like a prostitute, and expecting no one to discover how far he or she should go.  Where are the fathers–the protectors of their daughters?  Are parents not aware of how easy it is to tempt a teenage young man?  We must remember that sexual predators do not wake up one day as adults.  Their desires are fueled while as teenagers, when brains are not yet fully developed. 

       Who am I to be addressing these issues?  I know I am just a teacher and no internationally-acclaimed person of stature.  But what I am, is completely sick of looking into the eyes of young people who have made choices to throw away parts of their souls.  I am tired of finding out that someone else, we did not expect, had sexually abused young people and children.  I am tired of children running away from abuse at home.  I am tired of parents being surprised their daughters and sons are having sex, and thought nothing to allow the temptation to walk out their front door.  Hate me if you will.  I’ll take that hatred and use it to be motivated to save kids.  The kids saved through such motivation might just be yours. 

       Dear God, may we be so alarmed for the precious souls that are ensnared and may we be driven toward action, if only to save a few.  Sounds biblical, doesn’t it?  BINGO!


Predatory sexual abuse of minors: “What’s…it…matter…now?”


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