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Attention Educators!

20 Apr

Front Cover

Front Cover

We have a national epidemic on our hands!″ title=”Teacher-Student Relationships: Crossing Into the Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Realms” target=”_blank”>

Weapons of Mass Conservatism

17 Jan

Just a message to the far-left media advocates who continue the mantra of conservatism as the culprit for the shootings in Arizona.  Where were you when Fort Hood went down?  Did Obama’s rants against Conservatives cause that heinous event?  I think the shooter might have been offended that you did not recognize that jihadists exist and want to kill Americans.

Jihadists proclaim clear messages of hatred for the United States, our openness, and our Judeo-Christian heritage and practices.  They kill us regardless of the media.  They kill us over ideology.  But with the Arizona killings and senseless shootings, we have no ideology.  We have an ill person.  We certainly have no conservatives speaking small voices in Loughner’s ears.  Not only liberals were victims, despite what you think.

Try as you might to  find a connection to words and phrases as “stimulus,” you won’t find any connection.  You like this word “stimulus,” don’t you?  Very few, if any, politicians are heralding their original negative rhetoric, any longer, because of two reasons:  (1) They realized they were doing the very same thing they criticized, and (2) There is absolutely no connection between Loughner and conservative ideology.

So why do you persist still?  You have an agenda, that’s why.  You have every right to do so, and I support your right.  But you are not being fair.

Weren’t you the ones who criticized the Bush Administration for going to war when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq–even after Saddam Hussein used them on his own people at an earlier time?  Don’t you remember that everyone but one politician believed they existed and voted that way?  You called out the administration and the military, along with the Democrats for acting on all the United nations resolutions?

Now, guess what?  You are looking for weapons when there aren’t any to find.  There is no evidence of Loughner relying on conservatives, or even liberals to justify what he did.  It is interesting the ends we go when we really want to find something that does not exist.  You blamed Bush.  Hopefully, you take the blame for inventing evidence, all while acting within the rights of the first Amendment, as do all the conservative voices.

I have news for you all with a newly added little voice . . . There are Weapons of Mass Conservatism and they are hidden in places that are easy to find.  Just in case you do not see them, we bring them out a few times a year and blast away–the ballot box, that is!  You don’t have to look hard, though.  They are right there for you to find.  It’s called our vote.

Find another topic. You are boring the American public again.  Thanks.  🙂

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